“Task Sequence environment not found” message during a Task Sequence that uses the “Install Software Updates” step to install Software Updates that require multiple restarts

I’ve created a Task Sequence that uses the Install Software Updates step to install a Software Update that triggers multiple restarts.

However, I’m finding that after the Task Sequence successfully runs the Install Software Updates step the Task Sequence can fail with the following error in Smsts.log:

!sVolumeID.empty(), HRESULT=80004005
!sTSMDataPath.empty(), HRESULT=80070002
TS::Utility::GetTSMDataPath( sDataDir ), HRESULT=80070002
Failed to set log directory. Some execution history may be lost.
The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows)
Executing task sequence
!sVolumeID.empty(), HRESULT=80004005
!sTSMDataPath.empty(), HRESULT=80070002
Task Sequence environment not found

I also see the following error on my RTM Clients:

Task sequence completed in Windows PE.

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