Introducing Adaptiva OneSite

The Adaptiva OneSite™ content distribution engine advances the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager so IT professionals can securely speed enterprise-wide software deployments without adding costly servers or throttling the amount of bandwidth that can be used for content delivery.

The product’s peer-to-peer (P2P) systems management technology uses the clients enterprises already own to store and share content locally, eliminating the need for a global server infrastructure to distribute content and reducing network impacts.

OneSite is deployed on millions of devices in more than 100 countries worldwide and has more satisfied, reference customers than any competing content distribution on the market.

Eliminate IT Infrastructure Investments

OneSite’s intelligent content storage and peer-to-peer content sharing features eliminates 1000s of servers by empowering enterprises to do more with the resources they already own. OneSite enables IT to run ConfigMgr with fewer servers than any other technology, and to store content on client machines without impacting end users.

Speed Software Delivery

OneSite speed features keep endpoints updated and managed worldwide by securely speeding content delivery to near and remote locations. Adaptiva is the only solution that does not require throttling and can deliver content over slow/poor connections where competing solutions fail.

Simplify Systems Management through Automation

OneSite is the only systems management product on the market today which provides real-time visibility and control over every individual content transfer. It automates dozens of time consuming tasks for today’s system administrators and offers the visual workflow creation capabilities to integrate with a business’ unique processes.

OneSite gives you the ability to advance the power of SCCM by eliminating the need for all remote distribution point servers, delivering software even over low bandwidth connections, and controlling every content transfer in real-time. Neither SCCM nor any other content distribution engine on the market can deliver those same capabilities.

Yes, Adaptiva OneSite offers the fastest way to deploy Windows 10 across an enterprise. The solution is trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises to accelerate and automate high-volume, zero-touch Windows 10 OSD. OneSite’s groundbreaking Windows 10 deployment technology won the coveted Gold 2016 New Product Award from the American Business Association (Stevies).

OneSite is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world, including T-Mobile, HSBC, Walgreens, the Secret Service, and hundreds more. Steve Capper, the global CTO of AECOM and Computing Magazine’s CIO of the Year stated: “OneSite is a clear choice for any IT organization that wants to reduce the total cost of ownership for Configuration Manager.” More customer testimonial videos can be found on:

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