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almost 20 years ago, back in April 1998, I started working with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) the forerunner to the product we know today as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Back then, little did I know how complicated a product it would become and how many different, varied roles I would perform (some including working for Microsoft), applying my knowledge and continuously learning about the product.

But how have I managed to build a successful career, create one of the most successful websites, and achieve and maintain my Microsoft MVP status for this past 14 years?

What Made The Difference

The difference is what each of us knows and how we make use of that knowledge.

Right from Day 1, I saw the complexity of the product. So I started writing everything down that I did with the product, initially in a series of Microsoft Word documents, without making any assumptions/leaving anything out. This approach has served me well for the next time I need to perform the same task, I already have something I know that is proven and works. No more false starts, tripping up and falling down the same holes, or reinventing the wheel.

But maintaining this soon became unmanageable which is why back in 2003 I created as a way of structuring and sharing this information.

Over the years the complexity of the product has increased and so have the potential “holes” you can find yourself falling into. But my passion for writing about the product has not changed.

And that is why I am writing to you and those like you about FAQShop. The whole purpose of FAQShop is to give its subscribers knowledge – knowledge they can use and apply in their lives.

A Website Unlike Any Other

You see, FAQShop is unique. It is the world’s only non-Microsoft knowledgebase for Microsoft SCCM. Not just SCCM, but any related technologies used by SCCM such as SQL, IIS, Active Directory, Windows, to name a few.

FAQShop gives you the information you need when you need it, and we are continually adding to it all the time.

Knowledge Is Power

When I first created FAQShop I had a vision of creating a Knowledgebase of information covering everything related to SCCM and its associated products. Complete with no assumptions. No skipping steps. Screenshots wherever possible. Reusable, reliable, top quality content. Trusted content that works and helps me get the job down.

And of course, a Knowledgebase that is fully searchable helping you to locate the information you need when you need it.

If you have never used FAQShop, you cannot imagine how useful it can be to you.

Try us for Free for 14 Days

Put us to the test and sign-up today for a free trial just by registering below. Then after the 14 days, it’s just £4 a month to continue your subscription. That works out at less than 12p per day. What can you get for 12p a day? Surely your time is more valuable than 12p?

And here is our guarantee: If FAQShop does not meet your expectations, you can just cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked and we won’t bill you for future months.

An Investment In Your Success

Of course, I cannot promise you that you will immediately become more successful in your job just from subscribing to FAQShop. But I can guarantee you that you will find the information on FAQShop useful, reliable and as complete and up-to-date as we can make it.

Trust me there is plenty more to come.

Yours Sincerely,

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Cliff Hobbs
Founder and Microsoft MVP 2004 – 2019