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How seriously do you take patching your software and eliminating application vulnerabilities? How quickly do you deploy updates to your Microsoft operating system and applications?

When it comes to first-party software, patching is highly automated – that’s a great advantage of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). But when it comes to third-party applications – which account for around three quarters of all vulnerabilities – they don’t get the same attention.

It’s hard to find every third-party application. Even harder to keep up-to-date with every patch and to prioritise their deployment.

Corporate Software Inspector brings the same automation you’d expect from first-party patching to all your third-party software. All with SCCM integration for a single familiar point of control.

Leverage SCCM for easier patching

For most organisations, SCCM is already at the heart of the infrastructure. It does an excellent job of building a software inventory, as well as packaging and deploying patches.

With Corporate Software Inspector, these key SCCM features are extended and improved to cover your third-party patching.

From an interface you’re already familiar with, Corporate Software Inspector:

  • Uses SCCM inventory data and its own remote database to discover and identify third-party software accurately
  • Packages and deploys updates using SCCM and WSUS
  • Uses SCCM to verify updated applications after patching

So you can manage all your patching from one central screen.

End-to-end patching with verified intelligence

Working in tandem with SCCM, Corporate Software Inspector gives you a complete workflow from application discovery to applying and verifying patches.

Crucially, this is all driven by verified intelligence from Secunia Research. It’s not just an alert to tell you about available updates – it’s comprehensive insight from the earliest moment of disclosure.

In a typical advisory, you’ll find out how critical a given vulnerability is, how it could be exploited, and what you can do to mitigate your risk, whether that’s a workaround or a patch.

There’s no need to struggle to keep up with third-party patching and wish it could be as convenient as SCCM. With Corporate Software Inspector, it can.

Flexera Software Corporate Software Inspector

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