What are the SCCM Version Numbers for Current Branch?

There have been multiple releases of SCCM Current Branch but I’m having trouble working out which version number relates to which release. What are the SCCM Version Numbers for Current Branch?


The following table lists the version numbers for SCCM Current Branch, updated for SCCM 1802:

Release Version Number Comments
1511 5.00.8325.1000 Baseline Release
5.00.8325.1005 KB3125905
5.00.8325.1010 KB3122677
5.00.8325.1126 KB3163344
1602 5.00.8355.1000 Update Release
5.00.8355.1306 KB3155482
5.00.8355.1307 KB3174008
1606 5.00.8412.1000 Baseline Release:
Site: 5.00.8412.1000
Console: 5.00.8412.1003
Client: 5.00.8412.1006
5.00.8412.1204 KB3180992
5.00.8412.1205 KB3184153
5.00.8412.1207 KB3180992
5.00.8412.1307 KB3186654
5.00.8412.1309 KB3192616
1610 5.00.8458.1000 Update Release:
Site: 5.00.8458.1000
Console: 5.00.8458.1500
Client: 5.00.8458.1005
5.00.8458.1006-1008 KB3209501
5.00.8458.1009 KB3214042
5.00.8458.1520 KB4010155


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