“Fatal MSI Error – srsrp.msi could not be installed” when attempting to reinstall a Reporting Services Point

I am trying to reinstall a Reporting Services point (RSP), on my Site Database Server which is remote from the Site Server. Both the RSP and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), were removed due to a different technical issue that now been resolved.

I have reinstalled SSRS successfully but now I am having issues re-installing the RSP.

On the E: drive of the former RSP server the SMS_SRSRP directory exists so I assume that’s where the RSP was installed before.

SQL has been installed to F: but the SMS_SRSRP directory isn’t there.

When I try to reinstall the RSP), in the srsrpsetup.log I see the following:

SMSSRSRP Setup Started….
Parameters:\\<SQL_SERVER_FQDN>\<DRIVE>$\SMS\bin\x64\rolesetup.exe/install /siteserver: SMSSRSRP 0
Installing Pre Reqs for SMSSRSRP
======== Installing Pre Reqs for Role SMSSRSRP ========
Found 1 Pre Reqs for Role SMSSRSRP
Pre Req SqlNativeClient found.
SqlNativeClient already installed (Product Code: {49D665A2-4C2A-476E-9AB8-FCC425F526FC}). Would not install again.
Pre Req SqlNativeClient is already installed. Skipping it.
======== Completed Installation of Pre Reqs for Role SMSSRSRP ========
Installing the SMSSRSRP
Passed OS version check.
.NET Framework 4.0 Full profile is installed.
Clean up old files
Deleting \\?\<DRIVE>:\SMS_SRSRP, FAILED, Win32 Error = 2
Cannot delete old installation directory :\SMS_SRSRP. Error Code=2. Installation will continue.
No versions of SMSSRSRP are installed.  Installing new SMSSRSRP.
Enabling MSI logging.  srsrp.msi will log to F:\SMS\logs\srsrpMSI.log
srsrp.msi exited with return code: 1603
Backing up :\SMS\logs\srsrpMSI.log to :\SMS\logs\srsrpMSI.log.LastError
Fatal MSI Error – srsrp.msi could not be installed.

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