Client Notification component (bgbisapi.msi) fails to install with error “bgbisapi.msi exited with return code: 1603”

I’ve noticed that the Notification component (bgbisapi.msi) is failing to install.

If I look in the BGBSetup.log I see the following errors:

bgbisapi.msi exited with return code: 1603
Backing up X:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs\bgbisapiMSI.log to X:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs\bgbisapiMSI.log.LastError
Fatal MSI Error – bgbisapi.msi could not be installed

Also if I look in the bgbisapiMSI.log I see the following errors:

ERROR: Failed to configure sms ports ‘0x80020009’.
ERROR: Failed to process port information.
Product: BGB http proxy — Internal Error 25011. 80020009
Internal Error 25011. 80020009
CustomAction CcmCreateIISVirtualDirectories returned actual error code 1603

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