Why are changes to Deployment Types deployed unexpectedly and why can’t I roll these back?

I’ve used Role-based Administration (RBA), to separate out the various roles for deploying Applications:

• User X has been granted the Application Editor Role so they can create/ edit Applications but can’t deploy them.
• User Y has been granted the Application Deployment Role so that they can only Deploy Applications and can’t create or edit them.

I’m seeing an issue whereby User Y takes an Application created by User X and deploys it to a Collection of Users or Devices for immediate installation which works fine.

However, if User X then goes in and modifies the Deployment Type for the Application that User Y has already deployed we’re seeing the following:

• On Clients that haven’t already received the Deployment Type, when they do receive it it’s based on the Deployment Type revised by User X. I would have thought that after User X has modified a Deployment Type, User Y would need to take steps to deploy the new Deployment Type as User X doesn’t have the Application Deployment Role?
• Clients that have already received the Deployment Type don’t receive the new Deployment Type.
• Despite User Y modifying the Deployment Type originally, they are unable to rollback any of their changes.

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