As someone who uses an iPhone, it’s great news that not only has Microsoft updated the System Center Blog app on Windows Phone/ Android, they’ve now released an iOS version. More details below, I’m off to give it a whirl: If you liked the original System Center Blogs app that was published last year for Windows Phone andAndroid, you’ll be happy to know that both apps have now been updated, plus there is a new version now available for iOS. The updates include bug fixes and feature additions as well as a current list of blogs that includes the major official Microsoft System Center related properties. As before, these are apps I created via AppMakr (no affiliation) with the intention of simply making it easier for IT pros to keep up with all the latest news and information we publish regarding System Center, WSUS and our MDOP virtualization products. If you’re interested in more of the history and background behind this you can read about that in the original post here, but if you want to skip all that and jump straight to loading them up and checking them out you can do a simple search for System Center via your phone or you can view them on the web using the links below:

Enjoy! J.C. Hornbeck | Knowledge Engineer | Management and Security Division Original post:

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