The prime reason I created the List of  ConfigMgr 2012 KB Articles is the same as the other lists I’ve created for previous versions of the product – trying to find a single, up-to-date list of ConfigMgr-related KB articles isn’t easy.

But I’ve decided to go beyond just creating a list of KBs and I’ve now overhauled the page. For every Hotfix I’ve now added the following information:

  • Applies to – Which version of the product does the update apply to
  • Needs installing on – Which lists the ConfigMgr components affected by the update be it Site Server (and which one’s), the Provider machine, ConfigMgr Console and/or the Client.
  • Reboot required – Once you’ve applied the Hotfix do you need to reboot the machine.

I hope you find this additional information useful.


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