I am trying to create Bootable media using the Task Sequence Media Wizard. I run the wizard and select the destination, boot image and DP. The wizard runs but then fails with the following error:

Error creating media. Error message is : Access is denied.. Please refer to CreateTsMedia.log to get details.

If I look in the CreateTsMedia.log it shows:

Failed to create media (0x80070005)

If I also look in the wmiprov.log (c:\windowssystem32\wbem\Logs) I see:

Impersonation failed - Access denied

I’ve found other people that have had this issue and resolved it by granting Everyone the Local Launch permission in the DcomCnfg console as well as granting Special permissions to Creator owner at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM but neither of these have worked.

I’m also not using a disk encryption program which I know has also been known to cause the issue.

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