I’ve just received notification from Travis Wright at Microsoft that he’s launched the “How to Participate in the System Center Community” Wiki Page which contains some awesome links and content regarding System Center 2012 all in one place. Here’s more details: “This page describes how to get involved in the System Center community by providing an index of community resources and key community contributors to follow. This page is intended to be a living index meaning that your contributions to the page to add new content, update content, or remove outdated content is encouraged. It’s hard to keep track of the constantly changing shape of the community so it is essential that everyone contributes to keeping this index up to date.http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/11504.how-to-participate-in-the-system-center-community.aspx I’ve just created the new Useful Links page which I’ve added this to and I’ll add other appropriate links in the future.

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