I’m never failed to be impressed by the Documentation Team and the ways they are continually striving to make content more accessible in different ways and formats.

And their latest trick? The ConfigMgr Internet Search tool that simultaneously not just Microsoft but non-Microsoft data sources (including FAQShop – many thanks <blush>).

Here’s the details and take it for a spin:

Interested in an easier way to search for Configuration Manager content?

Take a look at the beta Configuration Manager cloud search site at http://cloudsearch.cloudapp.net/. It allows you to simultaneously search for Configuration Manager content across several data sources including:

  • TechNet
  • MSDN
  • Script Gallery
  • KB Articles
  • Blogs
  • Download Center
  • Videos & Media
  • WebCasts
  • Twitter

This is a beta release and we’re interested in your feedback on the following:

  • How useful you think the service is
  • The accuracy of the search results
  • User experience
  • Suggestions for social networking functionality
  • Suggestions for customization
  • Bugs

There’s a feedback link on the site. We’d love to hear from you.

Chris Rees

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