Following the announcement  made at MMS 2010, Adobe has released the new SCUP catalogs for Acrobat and Reader X:

We made the announcement at MMS 2010 that starting with Adobe Acrobat and Reader X products, their updates will also include System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) catalogs for easy enterprise deployment.  Today I am extremely happy to announce that Adobe has released these two new SCUP catalogs in conjunction with their first updates to the Acrobat and Reader X product lines.  With these new catalogs, enterprises will be able to stay up-to-date with both products in the same manner they do with Microsoft Updates when using System Center Updates Publisher with System Center Configuration Manager. 

The catalog links are below and will be added to our Partner Directory (inside SCUP) very soon.

To learn more about this great news visit Adobe Reader’s Blog:

— Jason Lewis

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