In the third part of his series about the “pillars” of Windows Server/ System Center 2012 R2, Brad Anderson talks about the “What’s New in 2012 R2: People-centric IT in Action – End-to-end Scenarios Across Products” in which Brad first explains that people are no longer asking why they should move to the cloud now but more about what should they move to the cloud first.

His post then goes on to look at:

“… a few examples of holistic end-to-end customer scenarios that are a result of our cross-company collaboration. Specifically, we’ll look at:

  1. Providing users with secure access to their files on their personal devices.
  2. Enabling users to provision their iOS devices for work while allowing IT Pros to restrict access to corporate resources.
  3. Enabling IT Pros to deliver VPN functionality to corporate and personal devices. This includes both Microsoft and 3rd party VPNs, clients, and gateways – and it also covers upcoming support for this on Windows RT.

To read the post in full goto:

Keep an eye out for Brad’s next post coming next week….!!!

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