In the second part of his series about the “pillars” of Windows Server/ System Center 2012 R2, Brad Anderson talks about the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend being here to stay and how addressing this is a major facet of the People-centric IT (PCIT) pillar he talked about in his first post last week. To quote from this week’s post:

“In today’s post (and in each one that follows in this series), this overview of the architecture and critical components of the PCIT pillar will be followed by a “Next Steps” section at the bottom. The “Next Steps” will include a list of new posts (each one written specifically for that day’s topic) developed by our Windows Server & System Center engineers. Every week, these engineering blogs will provide deep technical detail on the various components discussed in this main post. Today, these blogs will systematically examine and discuss the technology used to power our PCIT solution.

To read the post in full goto:

Keep an eye out for Brad’s next post coming soon….!!!

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