Listed below is a whole bunch of different Microsoft content that should hopefully be of interest of you including links to find out more/ register.


Item Details
Developer Tools Download  Download any Visual Studio skus, including VS 2015


AzureCon September 29th Event Join Live Q&As and interact with the architects and engineers who are building the latest features.


Microsoft Cloud Roadshow A free, two day technical training event for IT Professionals and Developers that provides best practices and insight from those who run cloud services across Office 365, Micros oft Azure, and Windows 10.


Azure Tour Microsoft Azure Tour is a one-day technical training event, designed to help IT professionals and developers be more successful in the cloud


Update on Node.js for Windows 10 IoT New scenarios and improvement in Node.js support for Windows 10 IoT Core


ORTC API is now available in Microsoft Edge A preview version of ORTC API implementation is available in the latest Windows Insider Preview release.


DEVELOPER INTERVIEW SERIES: State of Delaware’s Electronic Notarization System Interview #2: In this video, Vishwas Lele, the CTO of Washington DC based Applied Information Sciences, talks about the solution and why Microsoft Azure made technology and business sense for them and for the State of Delaware.


Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Online Blog on the integration with Git


Moving to VS 2015 from VS 2013 Detail the process of moving from Visual Studio 2013 to Visual Studio 2015


A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 The latest Windows 10 developer training contents


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