This page (sorted by Vendor and Model number) shows the results of running the WMIC CSProduct Get Name command from a Command Prompt to retrieve the model name from WMI. You can then use this in a SCCM Apply Driver Package Task Sequence step to only present the the relevant device drivers to Windows setup at the time a machine is built.

* Anything marked with an asterisk (*) denotes the same model but different values.

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Many thanks to the following people who have contributed to this list: Jim Aspinwall, David Scambler, Steve Beaumont, Edwin Schop, John Marcum, Maik Koster, Rich Coulter, Steve Thompson, Todd Miller, Cor den Boer, Patrik Holmqvist, Ben Stefan, Kim Dyrby Hansen, Paul Winstanley, <your name here>


Model   WMIC Result   Model    WMIC Result  
Latitude D410 Latitude D410 Latitude D420 Latitude D420
Latitude D430 Latitude D430 Latitude D500 Latitude D500
Latitude D520 Latitude D520 Latitude D530 Latitude D530
Latitude D531 Latitude D531 Latitude D600 Latitude D600
Latitude D610 Latitude D610 Latitude D620 Latitude D620
Latitude D630 Latitude D630 Latitude D810 Latitude D810
Latitude D820 Latitude D820 Latitude D830 Latitude D830
Latitude E4200 Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300 Latitude E4300
Latitude E4310 Latitude E4310 Latitude E5400 Latitude E5400
Latitude E6220 Latitude E6220 Latitude E6230 Latitude E6230
Latitude E6320 Latitude E6320 Latitude E6400 Latitude E6400
Latitude E6410 Latitude E6410 Latitude E6420 Latitude E6420
Latitude E6500 Latitude E6500 Latitude E6510 Latitude E6510
Latitude E6520 Latitude E6520 Latitude E6530 Latitude E6530
Latitude E6540 Latitude E6540
Latitude E7420 Latitude E7420 Latitude E7440 Latitude E7440
Latitude E7450 Latitude E7450
Latitude XT Latitude XT Latitude XT2 Latitude XT2
Optiplex 210L Optiplex 210L Optiplex 330 Optiplex 330
Optiplex 745 Optiplex 745 Optiplex 755 Optiplex 755
Optiplex 760 Optiplex 760 Optiplex 780 Optiplex 780
Optiplex 790 Optiplex 790 Optiplex 960 Optiplex 960
OptiPlex 7010 OptiPlex 7010 OptiPlex 9010 AIO OptiPlex 9010
OptiPlex 9020 Micro OptiPlex 9020m
OptiPlex GX1 OptiPlex GX1 OptiPlex GX110 OptiPlex GX110
OptiPlex GX260 OptiPlex GX260 OptiPlex GX270 OptiPlex GX270
OptiPlex GX280 OptiPlex GX280 OptiPlex GX50 OptiPlex GX50
OptiPlex GX620 OptiPlex GX620
370 Precision Workstation 370 380 Precision Workstation 380
390 Precision Workstation 390 Precision 5400 Precision Workstation 5400
Precision 5510 Precision 5510
Precision M60 Precision M60 Precision M65 Precision M65
Precision M70 Precision M70 Precision M90 Precision M90
Precision M3800 Dell Precision M3800 Precision M4300 Precision M4300
Precision M6300 Precision M6300 Precision M6400 Precision M6400
Precision M6500 Precision M6500 Precision M6600 Precision M6600
Precision M6700 Precision M6700
Precision Workstation T3400 Precision Workstation T3400 Precision Workstation 650 Precision Workstation 650
PowerEdge 1850 PowerEdge 1850
XPS M1330 XPS M1330


Model WMIC Result    
M285-E Tablet M285-E


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
2133 HP 2133 6710b HP Compaq 6710b
6730s HP Compaq 6730s 6830s HP Compaq 6830s
8510w HP Compaq 8510w 8710w HP Compaq 8710w
8730w HP Compaq 8730w Compaq 2510p HP Compaq 2510p
Compaq 6910p HP Compaq 6910p HP Mini 110-1100 HP Mini 110-1100
NC2400 HP Compaq nc2400 nc75xx nc75xx
NC8430 HP Compaq nc8430 NW8440 HP Compaq nw8440
NW9440 HP Compaq nw9440 NX7400 HP Compaq nx7400
NX8220 HP Compaq nx8220
Compaq 8100 Elite SFF PC HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF PC Compaq 8200 Elite Small Form Factor PC HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC
Compaq 8300 Elite Small Form Factor PC HP Compaq 8300 Elite SFF PC
EliteBook 820 G1 HP EliteBook 820 G1 EliteBook 840 G1 HP EliteBook 840 G1
EliteBook 840 G3 HP EliteBook 840 G3
Elitebook 2170p HP Elitebook 2170p Elitebook 2530p Elitebook 2530p
Elitebook 2540p HP Elitebook 2540p Elitebook 2560p Elitebook 2560p
Elitebook 2730p Elitebook 2730p Elitebook 2740p Elitebook 2740p
Elitebook 6930p Elitebook 6930p EliteBook 8440p HP EliteBook 8440p
Elitebook 8460p Elitebook 8460p Elitebook 8530p Elitebook 8530p
Elitebook 8530w Elitebook 8530w
EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF  EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF  HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF
EliteOne All-in-One 800 G1 HP EliteOne 800 G1 AiO EliteOne All-in-One 800 G2 23″ non touch HPEliteOne 800 G2 23-in Non-Touch AIO
Servers/ Desktops
D330 uT HP d330 uT D530 CMT HP d530 CMT
D530 SFF HP d530 SFF DC5000 SFF HP dc5000 SFF
DC5100 SFF HP Compaq dc5100 SFF DC7100 CMT HP Compaq dc7100 CMT
DC7100 SFF HP Compaq dc7100 SFF DC7100 USDT HP Compaq dc7100 USDT
DC7600 Convertible Minitower HP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower DC7600 Small FormFactor HP Compaq dc7600Small Form Factor
DC7700Small Form Factor HP Compaq dc7700 Small FormFactor DC7700p ConvertibleMinitower HP Compaq dc7700pConvertible Minitower
DC7700p Small Form Factor HP Compaq dc7700p Small FormFactor DC7800 HP Compaq DC7800 Small Form Factor
DC7800 Minitower HP Compaq DC7800p Convertible Minitower DC7800p Small Form Factor HP Compaq dc7800p Small Form Factor
DC7900 HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor DC7900 Convertible Minitower HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible Minitower
DC 7900 USDT HP Compaq dc7900 Ultra-Slim Desktop
DX5150 Small Form Factor HP dx5150 SFF DX2000 MT HP dx2000 MT
Evo D510 CMT Evo D510 CMT Evo D510 SFF Evo D510 SFF
HP Compaq 8000 Elite HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF PC
2710p HP Compaq 2710p TC1100 HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1100
TC4200 HP Compaq TC4200 TC4400 HP Compaq TC4400
TX1100 HP Compaq Tablet PC TX1100
Workstation XW8000 HP Workstation xw8000 Workstation XW8400 HP XW8400 Workstation
Workstation XW9400 HP XW9400 Workstation xw4600 HP Compaq XW4600 Workstation
xw8400 HP xw8400 Workstation xw8600 HP xw8600 Workstation


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
T60* 195148U T60* 200764U
T60* 874155U T60* 6371CTO
T61* 6465CTO T61* 76631TU
T400 7417TPU X60* 1709G3U
X60* 1709H3U X61* 7674CTO
X61* 7675CTO X200* 7458CTO
X200* 7465CTO X300 64781TU
X301 2774CTO X41 Tablet 18665GU
X60 Tablet* 63664DU X60 Tablet* 6366L6U
X60 Tablet* 63639CU X61 Tablet* 7764CTO
X61 Tablet* 7767B7U X61 Tablet* 776701U
X61 Tablet 2* 7762W28 X61 Tablet 2* 7762CTO
X200 Tablet 74499EU


Model WMIC Result Model  WMIC Result
M58 7360A5G
T43 1871W1G T60 1951WBF
T61 7659W1F T410 25223EG
T420 4180AV9 T500 2055TG
W530 2441CTO ThinkPad X200 7459495
ThinkPad X201 3680FAU X60 1706W7E
X60 3680FAU
ThinkPad X61 Tablet* 7763AN2 ThinkPad X61 Tablet* 7763WG2
ThinkPad X61 Tablet* 7763WWC ThinkPad X200 Tablet* 7450FVG
ThinkPad X200 Tablet* 7453WFQ X60 Tablet 636346U
X61 Tablet* 7763W1J X61 Tablet* 7764CT0


Model WMIC Result
Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 3

Motion Computing

Model WMIC Result
C5 Tablet MC-C5


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
Toughbook CF-18 CF-18 Toughbook CF-19 CF-19
Toughbook CF-72 CF-72 Toughbook CF-W2 CF-W2
Toughbook CF-W7 CF-W7

Shuttle Inc.

Model WMIC Result    
Shuttle Inc SD30V10 SD30V10


Model WMIC Result
Vaio TT190 VGN-TT190


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
Portege M200 Tablet PORTEGE M200 PORTÉGÉ Z30-A-1GX Portege Z30-A
Satellite L355 Satellite L355 Satellite Pro P300 Satellite Pro P300
Tecra A6 Toshiba TECRA A6 Tecra A8 Toshiba TECRA A8
Tecra A9 Toshiba TECRA A9 Tecra A10-D11 Toshiba TECRA A10
Tecra A11 Tecra A11 Tecra M7 TECRA M7
Tecra M9 Toshiba TECRA M9


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
VIG 610M* MS-7528 VIG 610M* MS-7529
VIG 615M VIG615M


Model WMIC Result Model WMIC Result
VM VSphere VMWare Virtual Platform VMware Workstation VMware Virtual Platform


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