A new post has just gone live on the Microsoft Intune blog explaining Multi-Identity and Mobile App Management with Microsoft Intune:

In June, we released an update to the Microsoft Intune mobile application management (MAM) capabilities for iOS and Android that enables coexistence of policy-managed (corporate) and unmanaged (personal) accounts in a single app – this new feature is known as multi-identity. Here’s a high-level example of how this works:

Many users access both corporate and personal email accounts in the Outlook app for iOS and Android. When a user is accessing data in their corporate account, the IT pro needs to be confident that MAM policy management will be applied and help protect this corporate data. However, when a user is accessing a personal email account that data should be outside of IT’s control. Intune achieves this by targeting the management policy to only the corporate account in the application. The multi-identity feature helps solve the data protection problem that organizations are facing with devices and apps that support both personal and work accounts while maintaining the end user’s experience and the privacy of his/her personal data.

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