As detailed on the Microsoft Intune blog, Microsoft has released an update to Intune to improve the App Catalog Experience on iOS for Microsoft Intune Company Portal Users:

Microsoft Intune supports 4 types of apps that can be deployed to iOS devices:

  1. Internal line-of-business apps (IPA app packages)
  2. Managed App Store apps (examples: managed Office apps, managed OneDrive app)
  3. Unmanaged App Store apps (external deep-links to the App Store)
  4. Web Apps (URL bookmarks that appear on the home screen)

To learn more about these types of apps for iOS and other platforms, please review this technical article on the end user app experience.

We’ve now improved the experience for accessing corporate apps (including line-of-business apps and managed App Store apps) as well as unmanaged App Store apps. In the sections below, we will review the end-user experience for accessing all four types of apps, and we’ll highlight the improvements that we’ve made to the app catalog experience within the Intune Company Portal for iOS.

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