As detailed on the Microsoft Intune blog, Microsoft have just released the End User Enrollment Guide:

Choosing how you manage mobile devices within your organization is just one of many steps involved in protecting your corporate data while enabling a great end user experience on the devices they choose.  

Now, you need to encourage your users to enroll their devices into Microsoft Intune to be managed. We’ve created the Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide to help get you started. This two-page document helps explain to your users the importance of protecting corporate data, as well as their own, by letting your IT department manage their devices. It explains what may happen on their devices (installation of apps, security policies applied, etc.) and what will NOT happen on their devices (collecting personal information like phone and browsing records, tracking location, etc.).  

This guide is completely customizable by you, so you can change the text as well as the branding, and add your own IT information to it.

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