As the title suggests, a new post has just gone live on the Microsoft Intune blog that details how to configure Wi-Fi Profiles for iOS Devices for Intune:


This post provides guidance on how to properly configure a Wi-Fi profile to connect mobile devices to a secure WPA2-Enteprise network using certificate-based or PEAP-based authentication. For iOS, this process requires that SCEP-based certificate deployment already be configured and that a certificate profile for a valid client authentication certificate for accessing the network be configured ahead of time. When the Wi-Fi profile is deployed to iOS devices, a certificate enrollment request will also be initiated on behalf of the mobile device. For each Wi-Fi profile deployed to a device, then, a new certificate will be issued to that device.

The steps provided in this post are for an Microsoft Intune subscription integrated with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 via the Intune Connector. For standalone deployments of Microsoft Intune, the steps are different. For more information about how to configure Wi-Fi profiles with Microsoft Intune in a standalone deployment, check out the TechNet documentation here:

Full post:

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