I’ve loaded the Deployment Workbench but can’t find anyway of telling which MDT database I’m connected to. How do I find out?


To find out the database the Deployment Workbench is connected to:

  1. Load the Deployment Workbench (“Start | All Programs | Microsoft Deployment Toolkit | Deployment Workbench“).
  2. Navigate to “Deployment Workbench | Deployment Shares | <name_of_your_deployment_share> | Advanced Configuration”.
  3. Click the “Database” item (don’t right-click it).
  4. The “Deployment Database” screen will shown in the right hand pane

Deployment Workbench screen showing details of the database connected to.

As you can see from the above this screen details:

  • SQL Server name
  • Instance
  • Port (if applicable)
  • Network library
  • SQL share (if applicable)
  • Database name