I’m trying to install a Video driver although when I look in execmgr.log I’m seeing that the following lines:

Successfully prepared command line "\\path\SMSPKGz$\SMSPKG\<pkg_ID>\Setup.exe " -s

Command line = "\\path\SMSPKGz$\SMSPKG\<pkg_ID>\Setup.exe " –s, 
Working Directory = \\path\\SMSPKGz$\SMSPKG\<pkg_ID>\
Created Process for the passed command line
Program exit code 7
Looking for MIF file to get program status
Script for Package:<pkg_ID>, Program: <program_name> failed with exit code 7


Try running the command line manually from the directory on the DP. In this case running setup.exe but without the -s (so it didn’t run silently), revealed that at the time the Package was running to install the video driver a more up-to-date driver had already been installed by Auto Apply Drivers.

Checking the Dell website revealed an even more up-to-date version was available which was downloaded and included in the Package which now runs fine as the version is the Package is now later than that already installed by Auto Apply Drivers (this customer’s preference is to install as many drivers through Software Distribution Packages as possible rather than through Auto Apply Drivers).