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Well it appears that despite the efforts or myself and others to get Microsoft to re-consider retiring “Classic” view from the TechNet/ MSDN Documentation Libraries, these have come to nothing as it appears to be no more.

If you consider this a mistake (and only realise the impact of this change now it’s happened) then I’d suggest contacting Microsoft in the ways suggested in my original post i.e.

  • Email the ConfigMgr Documentation alias (smsdocs@microsoft.com)
  • Click on the “Click to Rate and Give Feedback” text towards the top right hand corner of the screen which will drop down “Give feedback on this content” dialog box where you can enter your feedback which is read by the various documentation teams.
  • Provide your feedback on this post and I’ll forward it on for you.

A sad day all round and a decision I personally feel devalues the Microsoft Documentation Libraries, but hey ho we’ll all have to get used to life without our beloved Classic view.



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Cliff Hobbs is a 13 times Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), the first to be awarded in the UK for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) back in 2004 and every year since (first in System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and then Enterprise Client Management/ Enterprise Mobility). He has worked as a Consultant with SMS since version 2.0 (over 18 years) and ConfigMgr/ SCCM during which time he has gained extensive experience of designing, deploying, and supporting large enterprise-wide systems management solutions on behalf of many companies such as Microsoft, HP, EDS, Getronics, 1E and Abbey across multiple industry sectors. He founded http://faqshop.com back in 2003 which is one of the longest running and most popular web sites for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager/ SCCM. His LinkedIn Profile providing full details of his skills and experience can be accessed at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffhobbs
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  1. Tim Rich  June 4, 2013

    Use the “Site Feedback” link in right corner of the footer to send feedback about site layout, etc.

    @cliffhobbs Use the “Site Feedback” link in right corner of the footer to send feedback about site layout, etc. twitter.com/Tim_MSFT/statu…— Timothy Rich (@Tim_MSFT) February 20, 2013

  2. Cliff Hobbs  June 6, 2013

    Yep good point Tim and thanks for pointing that out.

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